past adventures

October 18, 2011


Collaborating with artists such as Jose Conde, Sxip Shirey, Ricky Martin, Bacilos, The Spam Allstars, Page McConnell (Phish), Jorge Ben Jor, Javier Garcia, Larry Harlow, Medeski, Martin and Wood, Livio Tragtenberg, Elastic Bond, Anthony Braxton and many more
Performing at venues including: Bonnaroo Festival, The Fillmore San Francisco, Roseland NYC, The Beacon Theatre, Jackie Gleason Theater, James L. Knight Center, Janus Landing, The Roxy Atlanta, House of Blues on Sunset Strip, etc.
Pablo Cano’s Marionette Project
Composing and performing music for marionette performances
Bacon Bits
Sole songwriting credits on Mofongo, Speckworks
Spam Allstars
Songwriter, Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes, Spam Musica
Bacon Bits, renowned Tropical Funk Ensemble.
Produced, wrote, arranged and recorded Mofongo, Speckworks
Managed band performances at night clubs and corporate parties, including: Transit Lounge, Jazid, Billboard Live, Big Fish Miami, Macabi Cigar Bar, Damien B. Art Gallery, etc.
Vida Blue, The Illustrated Band, Elektra
Bacilos, Madera, Warner Latin America
Spam Allstars, Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes, Spam Musica (+songwriter)
Spam Allstars, Fuacata! Live CD, Elegua (Grammy-nominated)
Bacon Bits, Mofongo, Speckworks (+songwriter, +bandleader)
Elastic Bond, Excursion, Elastic Bond
Composition 102, for puppet theater and orchestra, Anthony Braxton

“[John Speck’s band] The Bacon Bits are a rollicking combination of Latin funk rhythms and soulful rants led by Speck’s bluesy trombone improvisations and loose raps.” Miami New Times
“Bacon Bits’ parallel strains of silliness and spontaneity are contagious. At any given concert, Caribbean guys in gold chains and mustaches can be found spinning patchouli-scented bohemian gringas in circles. As they giggle girlishly, the ladies are swept away by Sanchez’s calypso-esque guitar and Speck’s bubbling trombone.”  – Miami New Times
[of Vida Blue’s Illustrated Band Album] “an enjoyable, groove-based album with nice blowing from trombonist John Speck. ” Guardian UK

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